For the Women, On A Day Like This One

For my mother’s mother, Lorraine, who raised seven children in a spotless home;

For my father’s mother, Della, who led with laughter and made hot chocolate on the stove;

For my own mother, Diane, who runs marathons and taught us about tradition;

And for my mother, whose value could never be neatly distilled but really should have two verses in this poem;

For my sister, Emily, who was always kinder to me than I was to her;

For Barbara, who has peeled and roasted thousands of pounds of potatoes;

For Elaine, who never changed her last name;

For Meredith, who wore ties and explained sexism to teenagers;

For Pat LoPresti, who gave us cookies after school;

For Marie, who insisted that we call her Marie;

For Kel, who taught me how to love women, and for Bug, who cried with me when it all fell apart;

For Masani, who burst open literature;

For Amanda, who gives no fucks;

For Christine and all the artists;

For Brianna and all the scientists;

For all the boots off all the necks and all the seats at all the tables;

For the millennials who cannot understand why we have put up with this madness for this long;

For Annabel and Ava who will inherit our legacies;

For the women, on a day like one.

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Mel Kozakiewicz a professor, editor, writer, and mother of two.

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