I Got A Job – I’m On Break

All the moms are standing around watching the soccer practice but I can’t manage to move my chair any closer. I’m on break. 

I started a full time job in April, and since then I’ve been a different me. No more afternoon yoga classes, no more handmade pasta, no more folded laundry.

I had no idea it was this hard to be a working mom. 

Professionally, I feel valuable. As a mom, I’m reading more interesting stories at bedtime. As a lover I’m more willing to throw back a third martini. But our floors are always crumby and our dinners are often boxed. 

And as a blogger? What’s happening to the website? I dunno. Two kids, a full time job, a table too messy to eat at, and a blog? So far it hasn’t been possible. But let’s see. They have soccer practice twice a week and I’m not the coach. So maybe.

Thanks for reading. Hug a mom. 

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Mel Kozakiewicz a professor, editor, writer, and mother of two.

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