Take Them Out to the Ball Game: Opening Day at Frontier Field

I’ll be honest – I wasn’t thrilled to join in on the Opening Day festivities. I don’t care about baseball. It’s a long game and it doesn’t hold my attention.

But after today, I’m thinking maybe my perspective was all wrong. Maybe baseball games aren’t actually about the ball and the bat and the intermittent running.

Maybe baseball games are about the tickets, the crowd, the popcorn, and the beer. Maybe baseball games are about sitting in the sun and bouncing to music you would never choose but enjoy nonetheless.

Maybe it’s more about the foam finger and the free taco we won when someone on the visiting team struck out. Maybe it’s about the high five and the wave. Maybe it’s about the mascot.

Whatever it is, we brought five kids to Opening Day (which is considered a holiday?) and without a doubt we’ll be back. A couple of quick tips for first time baseball moms:

  • Bring plastic cups and bags to split drinks and popcorn.
  • Don’t forget the baseball gloves
  • or the hats.
  • Buy the foam finger and come on –
  • baseball is a drinking a game. Get a beer.


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Mel Kozakiewicz a professor, editor, writer, and mother of two.

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