Teeing Off In Jersey City: The Skyway Golf Course

I’ve been wanting to play the Skyway Golf Course for over a year.

To be fair, to my buddy Scott actually booked a tee off last summer but over slept – I sliced my chance.

This time there was no missing tee off time, no lame excuses, no work commitments- not even the kids. I headed to Skyway giddy and relieved that the weather finally broke. Annnnd – pheeeew I was early!! Yeah!


As soon as I pulled into the parking lot, all my pre-conceived ideas about what this 9 hole course was going to be like disappeared.

There’s decent parking, the club house was right in front of me, and I saw a couple of practice bays. And as soon as I saw a portion of the course, I realized this is going to be treat this early in my golf season.

In the club house, I am greeted by Edmund who was instantly engaging, warm and friendly. I tell him it’s my first time visiting, I have a 10am tee time, and I’m riding. Edmund asks if I’m a local resident, and if I have a county card.

I am, and I don’t.

He asks me for ID – something with my full address on it. I march proudly to the car where my unfiled 2016 tax returns have been sitting for weeks.

Edmund signs me up for the county card, saving me a little cash. Scott arrives – amazed that I made it on time. All is well in the world.

The course is beautifully designed and landscaped into an area that had been laid waste for many years, nestled within a wildlife sanctuary. For some reason, I decided that playing off the back tees for the first game of the season was a good idea. Spoiler alert: it was not.

This course has everything – doglegs, water hazards, and a surprising length distance. What makes the Skyway tough, however, is the wind coming off the Hackensack River which interlinks and runs the north of the course. Add in the backdrop of Jersey City, the New York City skylines and the Pulaski skyway in the distance  and you’ve got a gem of a course in Jersey City. Foooooorrrreeeee!

The Skyway Golf Course at Lincoln Park West is located at 515 Duncan Avenue, Jersey City, NJ 07306.

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