Urban Sustainability Certificate Program: First Impressions

Ed. Note: In partnership with Sustainable JC, Lyndon Neal has agreed to report back on his experiences in the Urban Sustainability Certificate class.

I was nervous going into the classroom. It’s been 30 years since I’ve been in a classroom. But week 1 surprised me. It was more engaging than I thought it would be. It was much less of a classroom environment, and there was a collection of eclectic people from all different professions, from police detectives to neighborhood association representatives to professional builders. There was even another teacher in the room.

The week 1 instructor was Jaimie P. Cloud; she’s the founder and president of The Cloud Institute For Sustainability Education. The exercise she led encouraged students to approach sustainability in a new way. She gave us different approaches to thought leadership, and our cognitive skills were then applied to sustainable thought leadership. These skills will  carry us throughout the course.

We talked about STEAM education – and I bring this up because there were acronyms used, like STEAM, which I’ve never heard of – and it was an encouraging environment to participate in. I didn’t feel silly asking that question. It was friendly, supportive, and positive. And I’m looking forward to the upcoming weeks.

Read more about Sustainable JC’s Urban Sustainability Program here:

Sustainable JC Offers Certificate Program in Urban Sustainability

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