Gallery: JC Fridays 

JC Fridays has been around for almost 11 years. Over the years, we’ve missed a lot of great artists by only existing in only one place at a time. And now that we have kids, we miss even more because of their bedtimes and our “NO RUNNING in the gallery” rule.

Last night we parked in front of a broken meter (score!) had slices of pizza at Two Boots (Free cheese slice with beer? We’ll take two of those.)

We walked to Gallerie Hudson (and by walked I mean ran – why is it 23degrees on JC Fridays?) to see photography by Mickey Mathis and paintings by the late Elmira Wade. We ate oatmeal chocolate chip cookies, and talked about politics and treason with the new owners John Frohling, Mary Jean Chyrek, and her son Henry Greenfield.

I almost felt like a human at an art show (dignified, classy, sipping wine in a plastic cup) until my kids reminded me that I’m SUCH A MOM by pulling the whole bowl of grapes off a taller than them countertop and crashing into a glass shelf. Good thing I brought a flask. (And by flask I mean tiny bottle of brandy.)

And then, when we were almost home, kids squealing in the backseat, this beacon of adults and light shined in through the driver-side window. We stopped at a light. I got out.


Prime Real Estate Group opened last night with a crowd that was so intense that it took me about 10 minutes to catch my breath. I’m not used to navigating this kind of excitement on my own.

Thank god for the mommy network. I found Tara Pareti smiling and chatting with a friend I’ve not yet met, and she offered me a drink. “Might as well,” she said. Indeed.

On my way to the bar, I got pulled into hugs from the glowing Eva Johannesdottir & Gary Keating, who are on the verge of opening their new restaurant, The Cliff, on 38 Congress Street.


And this is why I love Jersey City, and JC Fridays.

The gallery I shot at Prime’s opening is below.

Thanks for reading, and thanks for being such a rad, outgoing, friendly, cultured, surprising, and beautiful town. Every time I leave I wanna come back.

Something awesome going on that I don’t know about? Loop me in!

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Mel Kozakiewicz a professor, editor, writer, and mother of two.

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