Growing in Jersey City’s Jenna Firshein: Bring on the Healthy

Jenna Firshein is a Jersey City blogger and all around supportive, uplifting lady.

What’s important to you as a Jersey City blogger?

Connecting with people. My mother does it too, and seems to have passed it on to me. We all have access to so much information, but sometimes people don’t know where to go or look. I hope that Growing in Jersey City connects people to people, whether it be a business, a neighborhood association, or a new friend.

Also, giving back is a huge part of who I am. In fact, 10% of ticket sales for my upcoming event are going to St. Lucy’s Shelter.

Tell me about the event.

GJC Wellness Day is a full day of wellness, fitness, healthy eating, and healthy living.

Tickets include two workouts, two meditation sessions, morning juice shot and breakfast bite, lunch and healthy juice, panel discussions, and a workshop chosen onsite.

Everyone also gets entered into the raffle worth $1200 in products and services.

There’s food? Now you’re talking my language.

Yup! Local favorites House of Gains is providing the food and Squeez’d Mobile Juice Bar is providing the juices. And big shout out to Erin Kumpf Acupuncture and Herbs for being our sponsor.

She’s amazing.


Are you excited?

Yes! It’s been a lot of work and 3 months of planning. It’s exciting to see that people want to be part of it.

What motivated you to organize it? 

I wanted to do a day event that was clean and healthy and supported businesses in a different way. It’s also a great way to meet people!

Is fitness and wellness part of your new year’s resolution?

I made some goals (walking 10,000 steps a day and working out at 2x a week) but I am really taking the advice of Laurel Lederman and trying to set intentions instead.

Love that. Anything else we should know?

Just that it’s going to be an amazing event. And everyone should come.

Oh! One more thing! Tell me who’s coming! Who else is on the lineup?

  • Jessica Namit Yoga
  • Sattva Yoga
  • Jesse Barton
  • CKO Jersey City
  • Meant Condition
  • Strengthlete
  • Laurel Lederman
  • Tina Tang of Iron Strong Jewelry
  • Niambi Cacchioli of Bloomsbury Square
  • 8 Springs Studios
  • Mostly Naked by Nancy
  • The Closet Rescue

Also we have to mention that discounts are worth $500, and the swag bags are valued at $30. We actually have way more businesses in the raffle, discounts, and swag than are listed there. Those are just the businesses leading or participating in panel, and leading the discussions and workouts.

*Tickets can be purchased at*

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