Art House’s Snow Ball 2017: Making More Memories

I have such vivid memories of Snow Balls past.

Once I was young and in love, tiptoeing around snowbanks in stilettos to arrive on time (Late, actually. Always late.) so my boyfriend could meet my tribe. We looked incredible that night. We bid on a John Fathom light box in the auction, danced wildly to songs while we sang along, and laughed our way home.

And then there was the year I was secretly pregnant, incredibly sober, and tapping my feet from the sidelines nervously, dress and glitter and all.

Or the year after, when the baby was so tiny but somehow I was still so big so I rented an extravagant red dress and goddamn it, I twirled.

The older we get, the more important it becomes to nurture the moments where memories are made. On January 28th, we’ll have another opportunity to do just that.

The Snow Ball, if you haven’t been, is a night where sophistication mixes with punk-rock and romantic rendezvous in Bordeaux sit next to hot dogs at Coney Island. It’s Marilyn Monroe smoking a cigar with Zora Neale Hurston and everybody’s wearing a hat. It’s sensational. It’s a night you don’t want to miss.


Here’s the scoop:

Presented by SILVERMAN, the SnowBall is a highly anticipated arts charity gala. It’s on January 28, 2017 at 8 pm. (Snow Date: 2/4.) The event raises funds for Art House’s 16th season of theater, music, visual art, dance, educational programming, and citywide arts festivals.

The dress is “black tie creative,” and guests are encouraged to compete for the annual best-dressed guest or couple award by donning their favorite formal attire, including vintage, wedding, and costume-wear.

Lillian Bustle, this year’s host calls the Snow Ball is a “superglam” event.

“It’s thrilling to get dressed up,” she says, “and see all the costumes and couture. The whole space gets transformed – it’s like you’re walking into another dimension. Snow Ball is a chance to connect with your alter ego and step out in style. It’s a fun and relaxed way to meet new friends and make professional connections; all this while helping support a vital facet of the Jersey City Arts community.”

The Snow Ball welcomes Manouche Bag to the stage this year, performing Gypsy Jazz through the night. The evening concludes with a party on the dance floor, courtesy of local favorite DJ George “Soul” Fernandez, who has been spinning the fundraiser for the past 8 years.

“Snow Ball is a great representation of what Jersey City can do when we come together,” Says Fernandez. “A community effort, all of us pooling our abilities to share our love for Art House. The Snow Ball is special because Art House is special because my neighbors are special. We are all Jersey City.”


There’s also a silent auction full of unique artwork and experience packages, as well as items from favorite local vendors.

A $90 advanced purchase ticket includes light fare and drink sponsored by major donors WHEALTHMilk Sugar LoveCoolVinesNew Jersey Beer Co., and Stateside Urbancraft Vodka.

And finally, this year, $150 VIP tickets can be purchased for the event. The VIP reception will be held at 7 pm at Art House, featuring a champagne bar and hors d’oeuvres, a private concert by a capella group Cabaret Sauvignon, and exclusive gift bags.

Save the date today: Art House’s Snow Ball 2017 is scheduled for January 28th at 8 pm. Tickets can be purchased in advance at, and $100 tickets will be available at the door.


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Mel Kozakiewicz a professor, editor, writer, and mother of two.

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