We are the Affordable Care Act



“The ACA allows me as a self-employed person with no personnel to actually have affordable healthcare. If I did not receive a health subsidy I probably would have to go without healthcare.

I have no options if ACA is repealed.  We all require health care – if nothing else an annual check up.  However, I am 61 and at anytime my health could deteriorate in which case I will be in trouble.  However, I am not averse to using whatever public coverage would be available to me. One thing is for certain, I cannot afford to finance any major illness.”



“The ACA is very important to me, as it is to 23 million other Americans. Without it, my option will be to become uninsured again and a potential burden to society — unless I get a job which provides health insurance, but at the moment I’m an independent contractor so… And of course I’ll require medical care, even if it is routine stuff such as dental upkeep and physicals.”



“I get the feeling that the powers that be now view participants in Obamacare as some sort of poor, underemployed lower class. But I manage a good, legitimate local business – and small business employees should not be undersold just because we have to pay for our own insurance and need it to be affordable since it is not being subsidized. Providing benefits for a small business owner is a HUGE expense.  One that would bury a lot of businesses before they even got off the ground, and one that owners simply cannot manage. I think repealing would be very damaging to small Business, local business, and those of us that work in them.

The ACA is really the only reasonable option for me.  I work in a small business, where my employers are not required to provide benefits, so I must, by law, acquire my own.  To be honest, I prefer to be holistic, and do not visit the doctor often at all. I use my insurance for a yearly gynecologist appointment and, now that I’m older, an occasional mammogram. So, to pay $500 or $600 dollars for regular insurance (aside from being way too expensive for me) would be ridiculous.

I do not take any medications or require any medical care, but, in this country, I would need some protection in case I get run over by a bus, or get into some sort of accident. I’m also getting older, and who knows what may come.”


“ACA is very important to me personally, as we are a ‘freelance’ family and do not have insurance offered by an employer. But even more important to me is that my fellow humans who don’t have coverage are able to obtain it and protect themselves and their families by accessing routine healthcare as well as obtaining what they need when ill or injured. Its repeal is both alarming and a national disgrace.

Health care is a basic human right, and it is shameful that a first world country leaves its most vulnerable citizens with little or no regular care.”



The ACA is important to me because I have a limited amount of savings but no steady income. I’m a visual artist and times are tough. My savings disqualify me from any type of public assistance other than the health insurance provided by the ACA.  I just turned 62 and recently had a total hip replacement, the cost of which was entirely covered. I had waited over five years, in constant pain, with no insurance. I don’t know what I would have done without the ACA.

Moving forward, if the ACA is repealed, I expect that I will receive some of the same care at a reduced cost at the clinic I attend. I can kiss my teeth goodbye, and probably my mental health as well. If anything else breaks down (and I assume it will, at my age) I will be in big trouble.



“Let me start by saying I am not an expert on the ACA at all. It is important to me because I am a small business owner with 19 employees.  Most of my employees have kids and I care very much about their families. I opened my own business in 2013 and I make less than 30K/year. I pay my bills and employees first. There is not much left over and I cannot afford health care at the prices offered to me.

This is not a sob story… but I work very hard and I think all that work hard deserve a basic level of health care. I qualify for Obama care. I take home $341/week. We pay 100% of our Chefs’ and 50% of our managements health and dental care which is around $780/month.

I currently pay $20 a month. It is not a great plan (none of them really are) but I think I could pay a little more. I think $80 a month would be fair for what I get and what I make; after all, health is, and it should be, a priority in every human’s life. We need shelter, clean water, food, and hopefully healthcare and education.  We all need to contribute when we can.

The idea of repeal is very scary and very real. I hope another system will be put in place to help those in need of health care. People that are on life or death drugs – e.g. insulin,type1 diabetes, heart medication etc.) cannot go without health care. Not to mention we need birth control and many other drugs. If people have to pay a little more then that’s fine. I would pay, lets say, $10/month for birth control. I don’t think everything should be free.

I wish I had the answer. Life is short and we all need to help each other.”


Use this link to reach your representative in congress.

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Mel Kozakiewicz a professor, editor, writer, and mother of two.

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