Gallery: Ur Doing it Right Spin Party

First and foremost – a big giant thank you to everyone who came out last night to our first ever Ur Doing It Right event.

We had a crackin time last night at our spin party! Here’s what I loved about it: The community old friends and new friends – sweating, hooting, working hard and smiling our way through the pumping, the music, and the buzzing energy.


Silliness and hilarity, as always, remained supreme:

  • I started the class by hyperventilating before the warm-up began because I couldn’t figure out how to get my shoe out of the pedal lock. Of course I panicked, causing a great deal of commotion wherein the owner’s husband had to come over to demonstrate that no, I was not going to be stuck in the bike for the rest of my natural life. (It wasn’t that hard. I just wasn’t doing it right.)
  • Followed immediately by Lucy breaking off the bike knob on the other side of the room, causing additional disturbance, which also seemed easily corrected. (Lucy, by the way, is an excellent excerciser, so if she can make a mistake, any of us can. That made me feel less self-conscious.)
  • When the class started, and the instructor starting giving us instructions, Never much of a rule follower, I decided that for me, it might be best to keep my bike’s tension on level 4 (of 12) throughout the entire class. Some of you seemed to think this was cheating when I disclosed my method after the class, but hey, I was on the bike right? I didn’t stay home and sit on the sofa so as far as I’m concerned, I was doing it right.
  • Tricia, another consummate exerciser (she went to boot camp class earlier in the day) chose the opposite approach, anticipating the instructor’s instructions and enthusiastically popped up out of the saddle on time, every time.
  • To my delight, Nia rolled in about 20 minutes late, accompanied by a CYCLEBAR escort, and saddled up right next to me. Since I smelled like exercise, she was not only a sight for sore eyes (as she always is), but she also smelled SO GOOD.
  • Therese and Duby brought their own shoes, demonstrating their commitment to the form. It should be noted that Therese is also pregnant and KILLED it.
  • WeiAnne forgot to bring the girl scout cookie form that she promised us, so that in-class fantasy was pretty much null and void. (Some party-goers were known to text their orders immediately after the class was over!)
  • And Erin, who I seem to follow from exercise to exercise all around the city, seemed doubtful that shimmying up a rock wall should be our next group exercise.

Keep sweating, friends. 2017 just started and we’re already doing it right. -Mel

Photos by Mickey Mathis

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Mel Kozakiewicz a professor, editor, writer, and mother of two.

One thought on “Gallery: Ur Doing it Right Spin Party

  1. Kim has been doing spinning plus barre, for about a year now. She has lost 30 pounds without changing her eating habits. She loves it, and feels great!

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