Turtle Back Zoo’s Spectacular Holiday Lights

Tonight we headed to the Turtle Back Zoo for their annual Holiday Lights Spectacular. In short, our experience was true to title – spectacular. And tomorrow’s the last night! If you can, you should. They’re open from 5-9.

Enter through the arch. Parking is free in the garage.
Donations to the Community Food Bank of New Jersey are the expected form of payment. Zoo entry is free.
View upon entering.
“Wow! A tunnel!”
Christmas carols played throughout the zoo.
Carousel rides were $2, free for adults riding with young children.
The giraffes weren’t out – it’s too cold – but there was a parade of these guys which somehow seemed to make it okay.
The Grinch wasn’t the only A-Lister on the scene – R2D2 and BB-8 were there too.
Some of the figures are animated. This one waves.
Pony rides are $2. If you buy a ticket and your little one freezes up, you can use the ticket at the carousel.
Everyone loves Rudolph.
It’s free to ride the train; the line was approximately 15 minutes long but so worth it.
Lions? Lions! Coming this spring!
And condors! There’s a lot of development at the zoo – it looks bigger and more evolved every time we visit.
We were all so surprised how close were able to get to the animals.
The Reptile House.
Farm animals were warm inside the barn.
The zoo lights over 100,000 lights to create this experience. There’s only one night left. Don’t miss it.

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Mel Kozakiewicz a professor, editor, writer, and mother of two.

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