Elf on a Shelf: Saying Goodbye to Bixyquick

Last night we said goodbye to Bixyquick (Are we early? It takes a long time to get to the North Pole from here!), our beloved cookie-loving, crumb-creating elf on a shelf. Later, loser. (Don’t say that.)

I have to admit, Bixyquick was a little on the lazy side. He didn’t fly around every night, creating photo-worthy masterpieces. More like every other night. And rarely did he demonstrate out-of-the-box thinking. He did, however, create a lot of joy and our mornings were more exciting than normal.

A lady who shall remain nameless suggested to my partner that the elf on the shelf “commercializes Christmas.” And maybe that’s true (although I’m not sure who among us does not already participate in the hyper-commercialization of Christmas) but for me, the elf is not actually about the gifts, or even the threat of the behavior oversight and later reporting to Mr. Claus, CEO. The elf was about the surprise, glee, anticipation, and most of all the foundation of tradition.

So do one more thing before he goes: Ask your kids what message they want the elf to deliver. Write (and date) their thoughts in the book. Cuz it’s a tradition, right?

Merry Christmas, moms. And dads. And all my friends, family members, readers, followers, neighbors, students, and strangers. There is no moment other than this one.

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Mel Kozakiewicz a professor, editor, writer, and mother of two.

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