Riverview Park Gazebo Set for Spring

“It’s a wider scope than the original,” says Riverview Neighborhood Association President, Kern Weissman about the gazebo renovation at Riverview Park.

“It’s a replacement for the entire structure of the gazebo – new foundation, new storage space underneath, and new platform. Additionally, there will be a benches and a footpath (approximately 80 feet long) leading up to the gazebo from the north side. That path increases accessibility to the gazebo.”screen-shot-2016-12-15-at-11-08-58-pm

Kern also describes about the landscaping, which includes thousands of plants and a micro swale to help with water retention. Essentially, the swale creates a gully so that when the water comes down the hill, it gets caught in the plantings which have been specifically chosen to absorb water, thus helping curb erosion.

“The plants are able to withstand a lot of water. We made sure that all the plants won’t grow so high as to obstruct the views. Everything should be low growth. It should be relatively low maintenance. And if the landscaping plans prove to be successful, we’ll extend the swale along the whole eastern side of the park. We want to make sure the (water) runoff doesn’t continue to damage that wall.”


On the structure itself, Kern tells me that “this one is higher than most of the others in other parks because of the views. It’s really designed with focus toward openness. The ceiling doesn’t start until 10 feet up, so it’s relatively high, and the columns are thinner too.”

The gazebo will also have electricity, recessed lighting, plumbing (sorry, no bathrooms this time, but maybe they’ll show up in phase two of the park renovation – stay tuned) and a large workspace with storage underneath.


Funded partially through FEMA (the previous one was felled in 2012 by high winds during the Superstorm Sandy), the million dollar project is scheduled to be completed in the spring. Dates, however, are subject to change depending on the temperatures and conditions this winter, and how quickly it warms up –  they can’t do the plantings until the temperature rises.

The RNA is hoping to dedicate the gazebo to the late Maria Tuzzo, an RNA member from its inception in 1983. Tuzzo’s 27 years as both a volunteer and board member have made lasting impacts on the community, leaving a legacy of service to Jersey City Heights that we can all applaud and honor.

*Please note that the renderings above are preliminary drawings, and small details and/or changes may be noticed upon completion.

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