Knowing Our Neighbors: Kelly St. Patrick

The Knowing Our Neighbor series is an attempt to acknowledge and affirm the humanity that’s right around the corner. By talking frankly about our choices, dreams, and realities, we hope to uplift our community through shared experiences and the relief that, in the end, we really are doing it right.

*Kelly is a singer/songwriter leaving Jersey City in the new year for destinations not yet known.*

“The company that I’m signed with for my new album is in Italy, and my producer is going to be in Paris for 6 months in the new year, and my A& R rep is in London. They feel that I’ll have more opportunities to work if I go to Europe – to grow and expand so much more… By closing this chapter up, by opening up a new chapter, it’s going to allow this for me. And I want to be open to it.

“I’m hoping that I will chill out a little bit. (laughs) I’m hoping that my opportunities for music and for live shows, and for creating anything – I hope that they will expand. I hope that (of course) this amazing romance with this British guy is everything that we both dream it to be. That is the biggest dream I’ve had – finding my other half and doing it and having a family and getting married… That makes me so happy, just thinking about that. Just to be able to explore and expand.

“And travel has already given that expansion to me. Just being in a new city, new walls, and growth… It doesn’t mean that I won’t come back. I just want to close up the chapter of this loft. I’ve been here for 6 years. I think maybe it’s time to have new things. I feel like I’m holding myself back. I want different things – you have to make space for it, but it’s so scary. Even today, and yesterday, I’ve been having so much anxiety with it, but it’s part of the process. It’s so uncomfortable. It’s like – ‘What am I doing??’

“My friends and family already know that I’m a little bit crazy, and that you can’t ever know with me. I’m always up for something. Every time I go somewhere, people are always like “what if, what if” and I just do it. It’s always fun, but it’s terrifying. I’m sure it’s really scary for people that are close to me to watch.

“But I really trust myself. I trust my gut. I have a lot of faith in god, the universe, the world, and putting energy out there. And intention. I believe in intention. I’m not really afraid, I’m just going through the process.”

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Mel Kozakiewicz a professor, editor, writer, and mother of two.

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