TEDxJerseyCity 2016: Go

“Learning is crucial to our survival,” says Alicia Ruth, founder and executive director of the fourth annual intellectual bender, TEDxJerseyCity. “We live in an ever-changing environment where failure to learn and adapt quickly has immense economic and sociopolitical ramifications.

“TED and TEDx talks inspire millions of people around the world. Often these topics are discussed through a narrative which is relevant to our personal lives, even though the topic itself may be far removed from our worldview. Sometimes these talks inspire or convince listeners to change bad habits, or start new and better ones. TED has a way of relating to all walks of life, human and otherwise. There is a TED talk for everyone.”

Including you.248181_192217450931965_1367363204_n

This Saturday (12/ 3) from noon to 7 pm, Ruth and the TEDxJerseyCity team invite all of us to the Landmark Loew’s to hear ten speakers covering topics including the effects of climate change on Jersey City, the future of investing in space travel (and why it matters), and combating grief with compassion. (See entire speaker & topic list here.)

Speakers are chosen in one of two ways – they either audition or they’re selected. “The audition process is where we discover those who are lesser known but have TED worthy ideas or messages. Other speakers are tapped by us directly as someone established enough to bypass that process. Often those include people who are relatively well known and celebrated in their field. For example, in 2015, we hosted a talk by Leonard Mlodinow, famed physicist and author,” explains Ruth.

In between talks, guests will be able to interact with new technologies, engage with brain games, and participate in mini fitness boot camps or massages in preparation for the next round of talks.

If attendance is anything like last year’s, the Landmark Loew’s  can expect approximately 1200 visitors. Tickets are still available here.

*Interested in volunteering at TEDxJerseyCity? There’s a meeting tonight from 7-9 at the Loew’s. Can’t go? PM their Facebook page.*


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Mel Kozakiewicz a professor, editor, writer, and mother of two.

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