Discovering Elf on a Shelf: Making Magic

I’ve taken it upon myself to make Christmas magical so I bought Elf on a Shelf.

The whole package was $29.95 at Target. It came in a box with the elf and a book explaining the game. Long story short, you’re supposed to name the elf and find a spot for it to hang out. Then the book instructs readers not to touch the elf lest he lose his ability to fly, leaving him stranded on the shelf and unable to report his findings to the boss up north.

We named our elf Bixy Quick after reading the guidebook twice and cycling through names including Nemo, Teddy, and Bonk. (It should be noted that this is the second usage of Bixy in our house: The original Bixy was a life-size construction paper robot taped to the wall. Also I added the Quick to Bixy because I couldn’t bring myself to say Bixy on its own for the next few years.)

We found Bixy Quick a spot on a window sill next to Superman and a framed picture of Granddad. He seemed comfortable up there. We all promised not to touch Bixy Quick with skepticism, we all agreed to check on him when the sun wakes up.

As soon as the kids fell asleep, Lyndon and I set Bixy Quick up on the countertop in the kitchen, half in a bag of nut-free cookies with minion chopsticks peering over his shoulder and creeping across the stove. We came up with this absolutely unoriginal idea on our own, but you can get much better ones on pinterest or by doing a simple google image search.

*Read this part in an English accent as I was still sleeping when Teddy woke up, so Lyndon takes over from here.*

Oh wow – the outcome was brilliant. Teddy darted right in.

“Daddy! Daddy! He can fly!”


“The elf!”


“Quick! Quick! Come see! Come see!” And he held out his hand, grabbed hold of me and sort of scurried to the windowsill. “He’s gone!”

Which he was. So we looked on the stairs, in the bath, on the Christmas tree, and then in the kitchen, where he noticed something wasn’t right.

“Heyyyyyy….What’s that doing there?” he said.

He spotted the utensils pulled out. He started looking around, and that’s when he found Bixy Quick eating the crackers. He was so excited. It was amazing.

And presto. Lucas awoke to the whooping, and wandered sleepy-faced from his bedroom into the elation created by a wizarding elf, a wonderstruck brother, and my bowled over but rolling with it partner. What a great way to start the day, the week, the season.

Get the elf. And get into it.

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Mel Kozakiewicz a professor, editor, writer, and mother of two.

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