Dancer Pose

Shaargul Naimanbetova at Yoga in the Heights – Summer 2016

I wasn’t planning on taking any photos during the class today but when we started moving towards Dancer Pose, I snapped this one.

Ain’t she rocking it?

“I got a good one of you today,” I told her.  “Dancer pose.” She raised her eyebrows.

“I didn’t stay in that one long. I kept falling.”

Nope. I mean, I wasn’t timing her but she was rock steady long enough for me to realize how great she looked, locate my camera and get the shot, and return to my own pose.

If she kept falling, it was in her mind.

Which made me realize that:

Maybe she just thought she was falling. Maybe every time she wobbled, she thought she was coming out of the pose. Maybe her finely tuned attention to every muscle in her body made her hyper-aware of micro-movements that she interpreted as falling when in reality, she wasn’t falling.

She wasn’t.

And all of that resonates with me.

My partner, my sister, and my mom accuse me of “being hard on myself”every now and then. Up until today, I had no real understanding of what that meant. Now I know.


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Mel Kozakiewicz a professor, editor, writer, and mother of two.

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