Rainy Days

It crossed my mind that these corn cob holders (weapons) might not be the safest toys to play with but I couldn’t find any toothpicks so I went with it.

Later, when my partner found one on the floor and suggested that the boys could possibly (likely) try to fit them into available electric sockets with disastrous results, I didn’t own up to the game we were playing this afternoon.

Here’s the game – it’s really easy. Put the corns into the play dough until there are no more corns. That’s the whole game. (Probably use toothpicks instead of anything metal in case one or more get overlooked during the clean-up clean-up song.)

It’s not an exciting game, I know, but it occupied my almost two year old long enough for me to make a protein shake and load the dishwasher.

I hate rainy days. I’m not creative enough to entertain two kids inside for more than about half an hour.

I used to really embrace bad weather – it was an excuse to lounge around and order chicken wings and take really long baths and/or naps. All that has changed with the babies. They get annoyed with these four walls after about 45 minutes. “Outside? Outside? Outside?”

We live in a condo – there’s no backyard they can slosh around in when it’s raining. It’s the playground or bust. And today – it was bust. At least it wasn’t zapped.

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Mel Kozakiewicz a professor, editor, writer, and mother of two.

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